How To Exit Minicom?

How to Exit Minicom

Minicom is a serial terminal emulator that allows you to communicate with a serial device, such as a modem or a microcontroller. It is a popular tool for Linux users, as it is included in the default installation of most Linux distributions.

Minicom can be used to perform a variety of tasks, such as sending and receiving data, configuring serial devices, and debugging embedded systems. However, exiting Minicom can be a bit tricky, as there are several different ways to do it.

In this article, we will discuss the different ways to exit Minicom, and we will provide some tips on how to make the process as smooth as possible.

We will also cover some of the common problems that users encounter when trying to exit Minicom, and we will provide solutions to these problems.

By the end of this article, you will know how to exit Minicom quickly and easily, no matter what your operating system or terminal emulator you are using.


Step Action Explanation
1 Press Ctrl+A This will select all text in the Minicom terminal.
2 Press Ctrl+X This will exit Minicom.


Minicom is a terminal emulator program that allows you to connect to and interact with a serial port. It is commonly used to connect to embedded systems and other devices that communicate over serial.

To exit Minicom, you can use either the keyboard or the mouse.

Closing Minicom Using the Keyboard

To close Minicom using the keyboard, follow these steps:

1. Press Ctrl+A to enter the Minicom command mode.
2. Press X to exit Minicom.

Closing Minicom Using the Mouse

To close Minicom using the mouse, follow these steps:

1. Click the File menu.
2. Click Exit.

These are the two ways to exit Minicom. You can use either the keyboard or the mouse, whichever is more convenient for you.

Closing Minicom Using the Terminal Emulator

To close Minicom using the terminal emulator, follow these steps:

1. Open the terminal emulator.
2. Type the following command:

minicom -s

3. Press Enter.
4. In the Minicom terminal, type the following command:


5. Press Enter.

Minicom will exit.

Closing Minicom Using the Power Button

To close Minicom using the power button, follow these steps:

1. Press the power button on your computer.
2. Minicom will be closed.

Note: If you are using a laptop, you may need to press the power button and the Fn key at the same time.

These are two ways to close Minicom. You can choose the method that is most convenient for you.

How do I exit Minicom?

There are a few ways to exit Minicom.

1. Press Ctrl+A, then X. This is the most common way to exit Minicom.
2. Type CTRL-D. This will also exit Minicom.
3. Click the “Exit” button in the Minicom window. This will also exit Minicom.
4. Close the Minicom window. This will also exit Minicom.

What happens when I exit Minicom?

When you exit Minicom, your connection to the remote device will be closed. If you were in the middle of typing a command, the command will not be executed.

Can I exit Minicom without saving my changes?

Yes, you can exit Minicom without saving your changes. When you exit Minicom, you will be prompted to save your changes. If you choose not to save your changes, your changes will be lost.

What if I accidentally exit Minicom?

If you accidentally exit Minicom, you can reconnect to the remote device by running the `minicom` command again.

How do I exit Minicom if I’m stuck in a command prompt?

If you’re stuck in a command prompt in Minicom, you can exit by pressing Ctrl+C. This will interrupt the current command and return you to the Minicom main menu.

In this tutorial, we have discussed how to exit Minicom. We first discussed the different ways to exit Minicom, including using the keyboard shortcut, the menu bar, and the command line. We then discussed the different scenarios that may require you to exit Minicom, such as when you are finished using the program, when you encounter an error, or when you need to restart your computer. Finally, we provided some tips for troubleshooting common problems that you may encounter when trying to exit Minicom.

We hope that this tutorial has been helpful. If you have any other questions about Minicom, please feel free to contact us.

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